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Where to Find Free Press News Release Sites

Free press news release sites offer a vital platform for businesses to disseminate announcements effectively. With numerous options available, selecting the right platforms is essential. By leveraging these sites strategically and avoiding common pitfalls, organizations can enhance their visibility and credibility online.


Importance of Free Press News Release Sites

Before delving into where to find these sites, let’s first understand why they are essential. Free press news release sites serve as valuable tools for enhancing visibility and credibility.

By distributing press releases through reputable platforms, businesses can gain exposure to journalists, bloggers, and potential customers who frequent these sites in search of newsworthy content.

Additionally, press releases published on these platforms can improve search engine rankings, as they often include backlinks to the company’s website.


How to Choose the Right Free Press News Release Site

Selecting the appropriate free press news release site is crucial for maximizing the reach and impact of your announcements. Start by assessing the reputation, audience reach, and distribution channels of each platform.

Consider additional features such as multimedia support and analytics. Ensure that the site aligns with your target demographic and industry niche. Look for platforms that offer customization options to tailor your press releases effectively.

Testimonials and success stories from other users can provide valuable insights into the platform’s effectiveness. By carefully evaluating your options and choosing the right free press news release site, you can enhance the visibility and credibility of your organization’s announcements, ultimately reaching a wider audience and achieving your publicity goals.


Criteria for Selection

  • Reputation and Authority: OPT for sites that have a solid reputation in the industry and a large readership base.
  • Audience Reach: Determine whether the site caters to your target demographic and industry niche.
  • Distribution Channels: Assess the platform’s distribution channels, including social media, email newsletters, and syndication partners.
  • Features and Benefits: Look for sites that offer additional features such as multimedia support, analytics, and customization options.


Top Free Press News Release Sites

Top free press news release sites play a crucial role in amplifying brand visibility and reaching a wider audience. Among the top platforms in this domain are PR Newswire, which offers global distribution and analytics, and Business Wire, which is renowned for its extensive media network.

Additionally, PR Web stands out for its user-friendly interface and targeted distribution options. These platforms provide businesses with the tools necessary to craft compelling press releases and distribute them to relevant journalists, bloggers, and consumers.

By leveraging the features and benefits of these top free press news release sites, organizations can enhance their online presence, attract media attention, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Whether announcing a product launch, corporate milestone, or industry insight, these platforms offer invaluable resources for businesses seeking to garner attention and credibility in the digital landscape.


Site 1: Features and Benefits

  • Description of the site’s features
  • Benefits of using this platform
  • Testimonials or success stories from users


Site 2: Features and Benefits

  • Description of the site’s features
  • Benefits of using this platform
  • Testimonials or success stories from users


Site 3: Features and Benefits

  • Description of the site’s features
  • Benefits of using this platform
  • Testimonials or success stories from users


Tips for Maximizing Exposure on Free Press News Release Sites

Tips for Maximizing Exposure on Free Press News Release Sites

When utilizing free press news release sites, maximizing exposure is crucial for reaching your target audience effectively. Start by crafting attention-grabbing headlines and concise, compelling content that piques interest. Incorporate relevant keywords strategically to improve search visibility and enhance the chances of your release being discovered by journalists and readers alike.

Additionally, leverage multimedia content such as images, videos, and infographics to enhance engagement and make your release more shareable across various platforms. Ensure that your press release follows the formatting guidelines of the chosen platform to maintain a professional appearance and readability.

Finally, do remember to utilize distribution channels offered by the site to expand your reach further. By implementing these tips, you can optimize your press release for maximum exposure and increase its impact on free press news release sites.


Optimizing Your Press Release

  • Craft attention-grabbing headlines and compelling content.
  • Include relevant keywords to improve search visibility.
  • Keep the press release concise and to the point.


Leveraging Multimedia Content

  • Incorporate images, videos, and infographics to enhance engagement.
  • Ensure that multimedia assets are high quality and relevant to the content.


Utilizing Keywords

  • Conduct keyword research to identify terms and phrases relevant to your industry.
  • Integrate keywords naturally throughout the press release for better SEO.


To Avoid

To Avoid and navigating them successfully is key to achieving success. Whether in business, relationships, or personal growth, understanding what to avoid can be just as important as knowing what to pursue. To avoid common mistakes, it’s crucial to stay informed, maintain a proactive mindset, and learn from the experiences of others.

One of the most effective strategies for avoiding pitfalls is education. By learning about common mistakes and their consequences, individuals can equip themselves with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and mitigate risks. Additionally, maintaining a proactive approach involves regularly assessing situations, identifying potential challenges, and taking proactive steps to address them before they escalate.

Furthermore, seeking guidance from mentors, experts, or trusted sources can provide valuable insights and perspectives that may help prevent missteps. Ultimately, by remaining vigilant, adaptable, and open to feedback, individuals can navigate their paths with greater confidence and resilience, avoiding common pitfalls along the way.


Lack of Newsworthiness

  • When crafting press releases, ensuring newsworthiness is paramount. Failing to deliver timely, relevant, or significant information can result in disinterest from journalists and audiences alike. It’s essential to focus on compelling narratives and valuable content to capture attention and generate meaningful publicity.



Ignoring Formatting Guidelines

  • Ignoring formatting guidelines can have detrimental effects on the presentation and readability of content. Proper formatting ensures clarity and professionalism, enhancing the overall impression of the material. By adhering to formatting guidelines, writers can effectively convey their message and engage their audience more effectively.


Neglecting Distribution Channels

  • Neglecting distribution channels can severely impact the effectiveness of your press releases. Proper dissemination ensures broader reach and engagement with your target audience. Utilize various platforms, including social media, email newsletters, and syndication partners, to maximize exposure and amplify the impact of your announcements.


The Future of Free Press News Release Sites

As technology continues to evolve, so too will free press news release sites. Here are some emerging trends and technologies to watch out for:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI-powered tools for content optimization and distribution.
  • Interactive Content: Enhanced multimedia capabilities for more engaging press releases.
  • Personalization: Tailored distribution strategies based on user preferences and behavior.


40+ Free Sites to Post a Company’s Press Release (Updated)

40+ Free Sites to Post a Company's Press Release (Updated)

In today’s digital landscape, distributing press releases plays a crucial role in amplifying a company’s message and reaching a broader audience. Thankfully, there are numerous free platforms available for posting press releases.

These platforms offer businesses an opportunity to enhance their visibility and credibility without incurring hefty costs. From well-established sites with large readerships to niche platforms catering to specific industries, the options are diverse.

By leveraging these free sites strategically, businesses can increase their online presence, attract media attention, and drive traffic to their websites. Additionally, regularly updating and maintaining a presence on these platforms can help companies stay relevant and competitive in their respective markets.

Whether announcing product launches, milestones, or industry insights, utilizing these 40+ free sites ensures that companies can effectively share their news with the world.


Table of Contents

Crafting Effective Press Releases

Disseminating Press Releases

List of Free Press Release Submission Sites

Specialized PR Platforms

Paid Services

Inactive PR Websites


Making a Good Press Release

Crafting an effective press release requires attention to detail and strategic thinking. From crafting compelling headlines to providing newsworthy content, each element plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of journalists and audiences alike. Discover key tips for creating impactful press releases.


Distributing Press Releases

Distributing press releases strategically is crucial for businesses seeking to amplify their message. By targeting relevant platforms, optimizing content for search visibility, and leveraging multimedia elements, organizations can effectively engage their audience and enhance their online presence.


Free Press Release Submission List

Discovering the Best Platforms for Press Release Distribution

A plethora of platforms cater to various needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of some notable options:

  • Online PR News: Offers three-month online visibility for free submissions; paid options provide extended benefits.
  • PR Log: Free submissions feature distribution and link inclusion, along with industry and location tags.
  • PR.com: Free submissions are available but may be overshadowed by paid member submissions.
  • PR Inside: Despite its simplicity, it garners some exposure for press releases.
  • 1888 Press Release: Offers limited free submissions with minimal promotional support.
  • Free-Press-Release: Provides basic benefits for free submissions.
  • Market Press Release: Allows one free submission per day.
  • Only Wire: Facilitates content distribution across social networks; free accounts have limited profiles.
  • Open PR: Free submissions are reviewed during business hours and are also available in German.
  • Press box: Focuses on UK submissions but accepts global releases.
  • PR Mac: Some bias towards Apple news; past submissions picked up by major news sites.
  • Biz Europe: Concentrates on European press releases.
  • NPR: Accepts newsworthy content submissions; global news takes precedence.
  • Business Wire: Requires membership application for press release submissions.
  • Media Post: Accepts press releases, particularly media-focused content.
  • PR Sync: Offers English and Spanish options.
  • Free PR Now: A straightforward aggregator that showcases all releases on the homepage.
  • Pitch Engine: Provides a 14-day trial; not entirely free.
  • Briefing Wire: Requires a nominal fee of $3.
  • Press Release Ping: A basic submission platform for press releases.
  • Click Press: Facilitates news and press release submissions.
  • Free Press Release Center: Generates both PDF and blog post releases.
  • Press Release Post: Offers free press release circulation.
  • PR Fire: UK-centric with diverse category options.
  • SubmitPressRelease123: Provides a free account but mostly offers paid services.
  • The Open Press: Features geographic tagging; a simplistic platform.
  • Press Release Point: Provides lists of press release sites; serves as a submission platform.

Navigating the diverse landscape of press release platforms ensures optimal visibility and engagement for your news and announcements. Choose wisely based on your specific goals and target audience.


Additional Niche PR Sites

Here are some additional press release submission platforms tailored to specific niche markets. They can be highly beneficial if your content aligns with their focus but may only yield results if it does.

  • Nanotech Now: Specializes in nanotechnology news.
  • Beta News: Focuses mainly on tech news, offering press release submissions.
  • Thomas: Concentrates on engineering and data analysis.
  • Yum PR: Allows magazine creation, potentially gaining exposure.
  • Scoop Asia: Targeted towards Asian countries with English content.
  • BusinessPortal24: European portal with country and language variations.
  • Web Know-How: Functions as a press release host and tutorial site.
  • Hungary News Wire: Serves readers in Hungary.
  • Issue Wire: Offers a one-time free submission option.
  • Newswiretoday.com: Provides a platform for businesses to share updates.
  • Express-press-release.net: Covers various industries and niches with free options.
  • Travpr.com: Specializes in travel industry announcements.
  • Send2press.com: Offers both free and paid press release services with extensive media distribution.



Free press news release sites offer businesses an invaluable opportunity to amplify their message and reach a broader audience. By selecting the right platforms, optimizing press releases for maximum exposure, and avoiding common pitfalls, organizations can leverage these sites to enhance their visibility and credibility in the digital landscape.



How do I Submit a Press Release to Google News?

Any press releases mentioning the Google News brand or products require review and approval. Please send materials to press@google.com for review at least 72 hours before you plan to issue it, and include any questions you may have. Google does not generally provide quotes for press materials.


What is the Free Press Website?

The Free Press (formerly known as Common Sense) is an American Internet-based media company based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Bari Weiss and Nellie Bowles. The newsletter was first published in 2021, while its associated media company officially launched.


Can I Send a Press Release to a Newspaper?

Press releases are typically sent to journalists, reporters, and editors who may decide to cover the story and publish it in their respective media outlets. Press releases are an important tool for local businesses as they provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience and gain credibility through media coverage.


How Does a Press Release Cost?

Prices typically start at $50 for basic services and can go up to $800 for premium newswire services. Press Release Costs Are Variable: The cost of a press release can vary significantly based on factors such as distribution type, geographical reach, industry, additional services, and more.


Is There a Google App Like Publisher?

Google Docs boasts 28,114 reviews, earning an impressive rating of 4.71 out of 5 stars. Conversely, Microsoft Publisher holds 200 reviews with a slightly lower rating of 4.48 out of 5 stars. Examining user feedback reveals insights into feature sets, usability, customer support, and cost-effectiveness for both platforms.



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