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50 Free Australian Business Listings Sites List

In the current digital era, a company’s online success depends heavily on its presence. One of the most effective ways to boost your visibility and reach a wider audience is by listing your business on online directories. And when it comes to Australian businesses, numerous free listing sites can help you get noticed. In this article, we’ll explore the top 50 free Australian business listing sites you can leverage to skyrocket your online presence.

Why Business Listings Matter

Why Business Listings Matter2

Before diving into the list, let’s quickly discuss why business listings are essential for success. Business directories serve as online repositories where consumers can find information about local businesses. By including your company in these directories, When you actively search for the products or services you offer, you raise the possibility that potential customers will come across you. Moreover, company listings can potentially raise your website’s search engine rankings, which will facilitate more people finding you on sites like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. 

Exploring the Top Global Business Listing Sites

In today’s connected environment, the Internet is a potent tool for businesses to broaden their reach and draw in clients from all over the world. Listing your company on international websites is useful for expanding visibility and connecting with customers worldwide. These platforms let companies present their goods and services to a global audience. Let’s investigate some of the best international business listing platforms that might help you grow your company. 

  • Google My Business: The most popular search engine on the planet, Google My Business enables companies to set up a profile in Google Maps and search results, making it simpler for clients to discover you wherever they are. 
  • Yelp: While primarily known for its local business reviews, Yelp also offers international exposure, allowing businesses to reach customers worldwide.
  • Bing Places: Similar to Google My Business, Bing Places allows businesses to create a profile that appears in Bing search results, helping them reach a global audience.
  • Facebook Business Pages: Facebook is a vital tool for global exposure because it gives businesses a chance to. With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is necessary for businesses wishing to grow globally. 
  • LinkedIn Company Pages: Ideal for B2B businesses, LinkedIn Company Pages allow businesses to showcase their products and services to professionals worldwide, helping them connect with potential clients and partners.
  • Yellow Pages: While traditionally known for its local directories, Yellow Pages also offers international listings, allowing businesses to reach customers in countries across the globe.
  • Angie’s List: Angie’s List caters primarily to service-based businesses and offers businesses the opportunity to reach customers in multiple countries, making it a valuable resource for global expansion.
  • TripAdvisor: Particularly beneficial for businesses in the travel and hospitality industry, TripAdvisor allows businesses to reach travelers worldwide, helping them attract international visitors and customers.
  • Foursquare: Beyond just check-ins, Foursquare offers businesses the opportunity to create detailed profiles that users can see worldwide, making it a valuable tool for global exposure.
  • Kompass: Kompass facilitates global business connections between firms and potential clients by providing a database of over 10 million enterprises across more than 70 countries. 

By utilizing these leading global business listing platforms, businesses may broaden their consumer base, attract new clients, and grow worldwide. Listed on these platforms, your company, no matter how big or small, can take advantage of new prospects and flourish in the international market. 

Best Local Listing Sites in Australia

  • Yelp


Founded in 2004, a Google My Business page can put your company in front of a large monthly audience searching for different types of businesses and services. To finish the listing procedure, a link will be provided to the email address you registered with when you registered your business name to create a Google Business Profile.

  • Brownbook

Brownbook, a global company listing website founded in 2007, is regarded as one of the greatest business listing websites. Businesses from all around the world can list with support for photos, videos, and other materials to improve their internet visibility. With a domain authority of 56, the website offers free business listings.

  • StartLocal

StartLocal is listed in the table of contents for Australian business listing sites that permit free business listing for different firms in multiple categories. It has a domain authority of 45. When listing your business, you can choose from various categories and locations. For companies listed on the platform, StartLocal also provides do-follow links.

To submit a listing, you must first create an account and click the Add Your Business Free button. After making an account, you will receive a verification link, which will help you finish the procedure. Listing your company on Australian sites enhances local and domain authority 

  • Hotfrog

Hotfrog is a global business listing platform based in 38 countries and offers free global listings for Australian businesses. It is currently used by more than 120 million companies globally and has a domain authority of 48. To get your company featured, click the Add Your Business button and fill out the necessary fields. Finally, click the verification link to complete the procedure. 

  • Cylex

Cylex is a well-known company listing website in Australia that enables companies to present their offerings to potential customers. Additionally, it makes it simple for clients to locate the goods and services they need. Furthermore, Cylex increases brand recognition by giving paid and free listings, the former of which only has limited listing features.

  • Word Of Mouth

Word Of Mouth, which offers free and paid listings and has a domain authority of 44, is another of the most well-known company listing websites in the Australian market. The several companies listing websites on this platform categorize data, such as the firm’s name, address, phone number, and other pertinent information. You may also add reviews to different businesses. To submit, select the Register Business button and provide a detailed business description and other relevant details. Word of Mouth has an immediate approval procedure as well.

  • Business Listings

By giving prospective clients customized information, local business directories enable you to increase leads for your company. With search engines, this free listing site raises your company’s visibility on sites like Google Search, Bing Places, and Yahoo. This increases search engine rankings, which increases the likelihood that new clients will find your company.

Top Business Listing Sites Australia

No Australia Business Listing Sites


List of Business Directories in Australia

List of Business Directories in Australia

For companies of all sizes, having a strong online presence is crucial in the digital age. One efficient approach to increase your visibility and attract more customers is to list your company in web directories. And in Australia, plenty of platforms help you do just that. From industry-specific directories to general business listings, here’s a comprehensive list of business directories in Australia to elevate your online presence.

  • Google My Business: Claim your spot on Google’s powerful platform to ensure search results and map visibility.
  • Yellow Pages: A classic directory trusted by Australians for decades, the Yellow Pages offers a wide range of businesses across various industries.
  • Yelp: Connect with consumers seeking recommendations and reviews for local businesses in their area.
  • True Local: Emphasizing authenticity, True Local helps users find genuine customer reviews and transparent business information.
  • Hotfrog: A global directory with a strong presence in Australia, helping businesses stand out in crowded markets.
  • StartLocal: An Australian-owned and operated directory offering comprehensive business listings and customer reviews.
  • AussieWeb: Boost your online presence with AussieWeb’s business directory, featuring businesses from all corners of Australia.
  • White Pages: A trusted source for finding contact details and information about businesses and individuals across Australia.
  • LocalSearch is your local guide to success, connecting consumers with businesses in their area across a wide range of industries.
  • Brownbook: Join a global network of businesses and get listed on Brownbook’s directory to increase your online visibility.
  • Cylex: Expand your reach and connect with potential customers by listing your business on Cylex’s comprehensive directory.
  • Foursquare: Beyond just checking in, Foursquare offers businesses the opportunity to create detailed profiles and engage with customers.
  • Pink Pages: Pink Pages caters specifically to LGBTQ+ businesses and communities and provides a platform for visibility and support.
  • dLook: Australia’s online business directory offering detailed business profiles and customer reviews.
  • PureLocal: Maximize your exposure with PureLocal’s business directory, featuring businesses across Australia and beyond.

By leveraging these business directories in Australia, you may expand your clientele, improve your online presence, and develop your company in the cutthroat world of the Internet. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock new opportunities and expand your reach—get listed on these directories today and take your business to new heights.


In the competitive landscape of Australian business, visibility is key. By harnessing the power of top local listing sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, True Local, and LocalSearch, you can elevate your visibility and attract more customers to your doorstep. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or an online retailer, these platforms offer invaluable opportunities to connect with your target audience and grow your business. So don’t wait any longer – claim your spot on these top local listing sites and watch your business thrive in the digital age.



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