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What Are the Best Travel Guest Blog Posting Sites

Top travel guest blog posting sites include Nomadic Matt, The Blonde Abroad, and The Points Guy. Guest blogging can expand your reach, build authority, and improve SEO. To succeed, craft a compelling pitch, follow the blog’s guidelines, and write high-quality content.


Importance of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging plays a vital role in the success of travel bloggers. It allows them to connect with new audiences, expanding their reach and exposure.

By contributing content to established sites, bloggers can build credibility and position themselves as experts in their field. Guest blogging also fosters networking opportunities,

leading to collaborations and partnerships with other influencers and professionals. Additionally, it boosts search engine rankings through backlinks, enhancing the blogger’s website visibility.

Overall, guest blogging is a powerful strategy for travel bloggers to grow their audience and solidify their presence in the industry.


Factors for Choosing Guest Blogging Sites

Factors for Choosing Guest Blogging Sites

When choosing guest blogging sites, consider audience relevance, domain authority, and engagement metrics to maximize impact. Prioritize SEO optimization for visibility and adhere to publication guidelines. These factors ensure your guest posts reach the right audience and benefit your online presence.


Audience Relevance

  • Understanding the target audience: Choose blogs with a similar audience to yours for maximum impact.
  • Shared interests: Ensure the site covers topics that align with your expertise and interests.


Domain Authority


Engagement Metrics


SEO Optimization


Publication Guidelines

  • Consistency and professionalism: Follow each blog’s specific guidelines for submissions to increase your chances of acceptance.
  • Adherence to rules: Respecting the blog’s tone and style is crucial for a successful guest post.


Top Travel Guest Blog Posting Sites

Top Travel Guest Blog Posting Sites

There are several travel blogs you can reach out to for guest posting opportunities. Here are some of the best options in the travel niche:


Nomadic Matt

  • Popular travel blog: Known for its extensive travel tips and advice, Nomadic Matt offers guest posting opportunities for relevant content.
  • Wide readership: The blog has a large audience, making it an excellent platform for exposure.


The Blonde Abroad

  • Female-focused travel blog: The Blonde Abroad caters to solo female travelers and covers a variety of topics in travel and lifestyle.
  • Engaged audience: With its strong social media presence, it’s a great site to expand your reach.


The Points Guy

  • Travel and rewards expert: The Points Guy is a comprehensive resource for travel, including tips on maximizing points and miles.
  • Diverse readership: Contributing to this blog can help you connect with a broader audience interested in travel deals and rewards.


A Dangerous Business

  • Unique travel experiences: A Dangerous Business focuses on offbeat and adventurous travel, making it an exciting platform for guest blogging.
  • Strong community: The blog’s followers are passionate about exploring lesser-known destinations.


Adventurous Kate

  • Solo female travel expert: Adventurous Kate is dedicated to solo female travelers and offers insights into various travel destinations.
  • Active engagement: The blog has a loyal readership that actively interacts with content.


Never Ending Footsteps

  • Experiential travel blog Never Ending Footsteps focuses on immersive travel experiences and personal stories from around the world.
  • Authentic content: The blog values honest and relatable guest posts.


Legal Nomads

  • Travel and food blog: Legal Nomads combines travel with culinary exploration, offering unique guest posting opportunities.
  • Niche audience: If you have expertise in food and travel, this blog could be a perfect match.


Expert Vagabond

  • Adventure travel blog: Expert Vagabond specializes in outdoor and adventure travel, making it a great choice for adrenaline seekers.
  • Visual storytelling: The blog features stunning photography and compelling storytelling.


Young Adventuress

  • Insightful travel content: Young Adventuress shares stories and experiences from around the world with an engaged audience.
  • A broad range of topics: The blog covers a variety of travel-related themes, from cultural insights to travel tips.


How to Approach Guest Blogging

What are best travel guest blog posting sites, To approach guest blogging, research suitable blogs in your niche and connect with the blog owner. Pitch your idea clearly, outlining its value to the audience. Follow submission guidelines and craft a high-quality post. Maintain relationships for future opportunities and ongoing engagement.


Research and Connect

  • Identify potential blogs: Start by researching blogs that align with your niche and have an audience similar to yours.
  • Connect with the blog owner: Reach out to the blog owner or editor via email or social media to express your interest in guest posting.


Pitching Your Idea

  • Craft a compelling pitch: Clearly outline your proposed topic and how it will add value to the blog’s audience.
  • Provide writing samples: Offer examples of your previous work to demonstrate your writing style and expertise.


Writing a High-Quality Post

  • Follow guidelines: Adhere to the blog’s submission guidelines, including word count, formatting, and style preferences.
  • Focus on quality: Write a well-researched, engaging post that provides value to the blog’s readers.


Following Up

  • Stay in touch: After submitting your guest post, follow up with the blog owner to ensure they received it and to express gratitude for the opportunity.
  • Maintain relationships: Continue to engage with the blog and its audience to foster lasting connections.


Benefits of Guest Blogging in the Travel Niche

Benefits of Guest Blogging in the Travel Niche

What are best travel guest blog posting sites, Guest blogging offers several advantages for travel bloggers:

Expanding Your Audience: Reach new readers: By contributing to other blogs, you can tap into their audience and gain new followers.

Building Authority: Establish yourself as an expert: Guest posting allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the travel niche.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with other bloggers: Collaborating with established bloggers can lead to valuable connections and partnerships.

Backlinking: Improve your SEO: Guest posting provides backlinks to your site, which can enhance your website’s search engine rankings.


Here are some keyword phrases related to travel guest blogging and guest posting:

  • “Free guest post” travel: Find opportunities to write free guest posts for travel blogs to expand your reach and establish your expertise.
  • “Travel guest post” + “write for us”: Explore travel blogs that invite guest posts and offer “write for us” sections for new contributors.
  • “Guest blog” travel: Search for travel blogs that accept guest contributions and offer exposure to a targeted audience.
  • “Guest blog” cleaning: Discover cleaning blogs that welcome guest posts on topics related to cleaning, organization, and lifestyle.
  • “Travel blogs that pay for guest posts”: Seek out travel blogs that compensate writers for their guest posts, offering a chance to earn while sharing your travel insights.
  • “Submit post” travel: Look for travel blogs that accept submitted posts for guest contributions, often found on their “submit post” or “contribute” pages.



Guest blogging on top travel sites is a fantastic way to expand your reach, establish yourself as an authority, and build valuable relationships within the travel niche. By choosing the right blogs to collaborate with and following best practices for guest posting, you can maximize the benefits and achieve your goals as a travel blogger.



Where to Post a Travel Blog?

To post a travel blog, consider platforms like WordPress or Blogger for custom websites or Medium for easy sharing and a built-in audience. Also, explore travel-specific sites like Travel Blog or TravelBlog.org to connect with like-minded readers and gain exposure in the niche.


How do I Find Blogs for Guest Posts?

To find blogs for guest posts:

  1. Research niche-specific blogs with a similar audience.
  2. Use Google search or blogging directories to identify potential sites.
  3. Connect with bloggers on social media and review their guest posting guidelines for opportunities to contribute your content.


Where can I Guest Blog for Free?

You can guest blog for free on popular travel blogs such as Nomadic Matt, The Blonde Abroad, and The Points Guy. Look for sites with open guest posting opportunities that align with your niche, audience, and interests for maximum exposure and networking benefits.


Who is the Best Travel Blogger?

The best travel blogger varies depending on personal taste and interests. Popular names include Nomadic Matt, The Blonde Abroad, and Adventurous Kate. These bloggers share unique travel experiences, tips, and captivating stories that resonate with a broad audience. Choose based on your preferences.


How Much Does the Average Travel Blog Make?

The average travel blog makes around $1,000 to $5,000 monthly through ads, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services. Income varies widely based on traffic, niche, and monetization strategies, with some successful blogs earning significantly more.



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